Saturday, August 2, 2014

el ancla de nuestras almas

                                                                                                                                                        July 21, 2014

I honestly cannot believe that it is P-day again.  This transfer is FLYING by!  I have been here for four transfers now, and so I'm getting a little nervous.  For the last while I haven't had to worry about transfers...packing up suitcases and saying goodbye to everyone.  But this time it's really possible.  It will be really hard to leave Río Bueno!  So Hermana Alonso and I are trying to enjoy it and give it all we can before we have to go (if we have to go).  Next week I will let you know what our transfers are.

Oh my GOSH, Canada sounds fabulous!  I want to go!  Like you said, it sounds like my favorite kind of place.  The mountains bring me peace.  They remind me that Heavenly Father created this world, and He made it stunningly beautiful so that we could enjoy it and recognize His hand and His creativity.  From here we see the Andes in the distance...on days when the sky is clear we can see their snowy tips far away!  Our mamita loves Facebook and she is friends with Hermana Zortman's mom, so she wanted to be friends with you too.  She is wonderful.  I love her so much!  She loved the bracelets and so did everybody else!  Every single person that I have given them to has gotten all excited. Everybody in Río Bueno now thinks that you are the most creative, patient, fabulous person ever.  They all wanted to know how you made them but I have no idea how to say "Rainbow Loom kit" in Spanish, so I told them that they are made from rubber bands in some kind of knitting.  ha.  I think that explanation mostly works.  They all also wanted to send you their thanks.  It's been fun to give them to people because they get so happy and then when I see them again they are still wearing the bracelets!

The box was the best thing ever.  But really, the best thing ever.  I think that you must have telepathy with my innermost desires or something...hahaha.  The laundry bag is great.  I didn't really like the other one that I have, but I've been using it because it is functional.  The new one is awesome!  I have been sincerely craving a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate or apple cider for months. Every time I drink a cup it makes me so happy and so warm inside and I feel almost like I'm at home.  Also, American macaroni and cheese is a million times better than Chilean.  Just for the record.  :)  Also, I can't believe you mailed me my favorite chocolate!  Thank you for remembering!  The shoes are PERFECT! Perfect, perfect perfect.  Today it is sunny and warm enough that I don't need boots, so I'm wearing them for the first time!  I am so excited to use the decorations and make the cake when my birthday comes.  But the best things were the photo album and the picture frame that sings.  Oh.  I cried.  I am crying thinking about it!  You guys are the best, most loving family in the entire world.  I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit in His wisdom to give me to you.  I miss you more than I can possibly describe!  It is true that a person values their family much, much more when they can't be with them all the time.  But I know that when I come home being with you all will be a dear treasure to me.

Yesterday we visited with our fabulous golden family.  They just expressed to us how thankful that they are for us visiting their home.  They told us that our parents must be so proud of us, and that they are proud of us and they hope their children will grow up to be like us.  I cried!  It has been simply amazing to see their progress in the gospel and the immediate difference in their family and their home as they embrace the gospel.  We are so excited!  A passed her baptismal interview on Saturday. (she was SO nervous!  We asked our district leader to please be nice to her...she's only 10.)  She and her little brother are getting baptized on Saturday!  They are counting down the days.  Hermana Alonso and I are so happy...but we are even more happy to imagine the day when their family goes to the temple to get sealed.  The branch is planning a temple trip to Santiago in November, so we are hoping that they will set their goals to be able to go.

This week I had some really great studies from Preach My Gospel and just from meditation.  I really love a quote from President Faust that says that "La esperanza es el ancla de nuestras almas," or "Hope is the anchor of our souls." This hope is not just any hope.  It is the hope centered in the promises of Jesus Christ.  The anchor of our souls is the hope that one day we will be able to have eternal life, and live with God again!  I have thought about this....we don't have any idea what eternal life is like.  So why do we want it so much?  Because our Heavenly Father has told us in the scriptures that this is the greatest gift that He can give to man.  The Lord has some amazing gifts to if this is the greatest gift, it is our greatest motivation!  But the hope that I have been thinking of more is the hope that comes from the Holy Ghost.  The greatest promise that Jesus gives us in this life is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  He can be our constant companion!  He can always be there to warm our hearts and souls, and to testify to us of the truth.  The Holy Ghost and the hope in Christ's promises truly gives our soul an anchor when everything else feels like it is out of hand.  This week we have sung the hymn "Paz, calmense" a couple times.  It is "Master, The Tempest is Raging."  When the tempest was raging, Jesus's disciples were pretty much wigging out.  They did not know where to turn, how to stop the troubles...and on top of that Jesus was sleeping!  But when Jesus awoke, He calmed the waters....and reminded His disciples not to fear.  This is an example for our lives!  Jesus gives an anchor to our boat.  Even when the tempest is raging.  We can have faith and hope that when the time is right, Jesus will calm the waters...and everything really will be okay.  I hope you all can remember this anchor to our souls!

I love you SO SO SO SO much and I hope that you have a wonderful time in Canada!

Abrazos GIGANTES, Hermana Latham

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