Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hermana Latham's arrival in Mexico!

¡Hola familia!
I am in the Mexico MTC!  The walk to my gate without you all was tough, but as soon as I got to my gate I found a young man in a suit and asked him if he was a missionary.  Sure enough, he was a super chatty elder from Cincinnati, so we ended up having a lot to talk about for an hour and a half.  :)  As we waited, more missionaries showed up at our gate.  We had three sisters and three elders on our flight.  I was the only one from Atlanta!  One of the elders on our flight is serving in the Chile Osorno Mission with me!  Also out of the six of us, four went to BYU (which I thought was pretty cool). 
Mexico City is unbelievable.  I have never seen so many houses and buildings...and they are so close together!  Then, off in the distance, past all of the city chaos, there are beautiful, green, rolling hills and mountains.  It´s amazing.  I officially have my name badge, so I am Hermana Latham!  I haven´t met my companion yet, but on my packet it says her name is Sister Rachel Young.  How crazy is that? 
I miss you all already.  I hope that you are having a wonderful day.  I love you!  I will write more about everything on P-day.  :)
Abrazos (hugs), Hermana Latham 

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